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Looking for cheap Rawinput joyspads/sticks. Please test yours, instructions included.


Im looking for cheap USB joypads or joysticks that support Rawinput. I would very much appreciate it if anyone can spare 5 minutes to test their hardware and help out. I explain below what I am trying to do.

How to test:

1) If you have multiple sticks/pads please test one at a time. Disconnect all other sticks/pads.

2) Start Winuae (please close if already open)

3) Check your winuaebootlog.txt file (C:\Users\Public\Documents\Amiga Files\WinUAE by default)

Scroll down to RAWINPUT if your stick/pad is Rawinput it should show something like this...

 RawInput enumeration..
RAWINPUT: found 12 devices
HID device check:
000C009D 2 068e/00f6 (4/1)
000C009D 000002A0 hid: '\\?\HID#VID_068E&PID_00F6#6&22f3441f&0&0000#{4d1e55b2-f16f-11cf-88cb-001111000030}'
...and a whole load of data about it.

If its not Rawinput compatible it will show something like this...

 RawInput enumeration..
RAWINPUT: found 12 devices
Found USB HID device that requires calibration (079d/0201), disabling HID RAWINPUT support
...and further down the page something like this

 DirectInput enumeration.. Game controllers..
I={FDEE8F50-EC56-11E4-8001-444553540000} P={0201079D-0000-0000-0000-504944564944}
'USB  ADAPTOR' 'USB  ADAPTOR' 00010114 [Game controller]
4) Post up here if its Rawinput compatible or incompatible.


Why am I doing this?

Back in the day I used to have some great highly competitive games on Super Skidmark's on my A600. Lots of ragequits before they were fashionable!

What I am attempting to do is get 8 players on Super Skidmarks at the same time, using only 1 PC.

Using the incredible Winuae I have two emulated A1200's running connected via the virtual serial link as required for 8 player. To feed joysticks to an out of focus Winuae instance requires Rawinput joysticks. See the thread below:

Therefore I am looking to buy a total of 8 pads/sticks.

Thanks to anyone who can help.


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