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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
iObviously there is Blitz, i don't know what that's like to program in.

As a n00b inb Blitz i can tell you my impressions so far:
- the BASIC syntax is more towards the old gW-Basic than a C/ECMA language, plus some stuff got its own idiosincrasies (like statements and functions using curly braces for parameters);
- it shows considerable power for a compiled BASIC but is well hidden so you need to know the innards of the machine to use it good;
- newtypes are essentially C structures and need to be addressed like that including byte size (byte, word,longword and other parameters i need to see);
- the integration with TED is a PITA because ted and the debugger can be temperamental (got loads of guru trying to do a text debug) but is much better than the fully non-OS-friendly interface of AMOS;

- if you want to use an extgernal editor remember to save in ASCII that the .bb2 format includes its own markup and other parameters and is not directly readable, and old TED is not that customizable :/

however the fact that i got simple tutorials running gave me some good feeling so for me at least is good to try; then once i feel more confident i could also migrate to more technical languages...
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