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Originally Posted by TMR View Post
Look at all the Flappy Bird or [insert popular app title here but i don't have an iOs or Android device] clones, imagine how much easier it would be for a potential clone coder to just take the source code from a currently popular Amiga-flavoured project and generate their own "clone" from the original code if it were open sourced - just wrapping it in an emulator'd probably work.

i'm an 8-bit bunny and rarely release my source code, although that's usually been because i don't want people learning the dirtier techniques i tend to use or have to suffer the bespoke, "user unfriendly" conversion tools i end up churning out for each project. That said, on the few occasions i have released source the terms have usually been ignored by someone down the line.

i'm still not against people releasing source and might consider it myself on certain projects, but expecting everybody to do so with everything is simply unrealistic. Just out of interest wXR, how much source have you released personally...?
Releasing the source doesn't mean you can't be supreme overlord of the branch. If people submit crap patches or "upgrades", nothing prevents you from not taking their contributions. You could even go all Torvalds on them in some heated email exchange.
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