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Toni Wilen
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Beta 23: (RC3)

- Toccata audio didn't automatically re-enable audio if it was stopped by automatic switching.
- Fixed A2065 crash in "Cable disconnected" mode.
- Added J.Kommos ROM v1.7 (1990-03-13) Previously added ROM was v1.8 (1990-07-25).
- Preferred Technologies Nexus added to ROM scan result window.
- Fixed 68030 MMU prefetch hack flaw that caused A3000 with 2.04 SuperKickstart to crash.
- "Mouse uncaptured: emulation paused" and any key pressed: key was not released automatically (ALT-TAB).
- 68881/68882 NULL FSAVE frame has normal frame size stored (Undocumented but real hardware confirmed)
- Don't prevent RTC in A1200 chipset extra mode if accelerator board is also enabled.
- HD selection GUI visual bugs fixed.
- Added input device autoswitch on/off checkbox. (This was supposed to be added long time ago but I forgot)
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