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I still haven't managed to successfully have internet connectivity, but I did manage to associate with the wifi host. Does this mean the card works but the problem is in tcp/ip stack? Here is the shell output:

It also says this in amitcp log window:

[ err ] : S2_CONFIGINTERFACE: Inappropriate state (Attempt to config twice)

I'm using Better WB (the latest version I found), it has a pcmcia card init tool. The I use prism2v2 device and it comes with wirelessmanager I think. I use amitcp3b2 for tcp/ip stack.

i tried with that network bootdisk, but it just says there is no route to host (my gateway) when I ping it. I copied the contents of the adf to my harddisk and booted from it, it configured itself nicely, but I can't read more info from it than that ping doesn't work.

When using BWB and amitcp 3b2 I could get the amiga to show on my router with its correct ip (because I set it to have static ip in the config file) but I could not ping it, nor ping from it. I think it's almost working but not quite: could the card still be broken?

Btw, add _nomap to you wifi SSID to have google not index its location:
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