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i am a sucker for obsolete stuff in general, so give yourself a start, say farewell to the speed peanuts and make emulating an obsolete computer on an obsolete computer still happen
Buy a new PC! Or old one, there are lots of old models that are not obsolete yet

Running retro machine emulation on retro PC is not supported option. (Perhaps next time you ask WinUAE to run on Windows NT 3.51 with PPC CPU, right? )

Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
Why not build several executables (x86, SSE1/2/3/4/AVX) and have the installer install the best one for the user's PC? You could store one executable plus delta/patch info in the installer file so its size wouldn't necessarily increase much.
Did you seriously expected me to do that? Anything that requires more extremely boring non-coding/non-emulation design work/time is not going to happen. (and debugging, what if only one version has a weird bug due to some side-effect?)
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