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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
You mean allocate "S" (or "B") variable to a row of a code? It is only about shortcuts then, isnt it? If you could do the same, but by another way, I think it is still acceptable.

I love calling of a procedures in amos and the way the interpretter rolls them on and off.
no i mean actually allow variables to store different kinds of objects, much like how you can currently use strings. You wouldn't be limited to the number of screens, and you could create arrays of screens, as well as the obvious advantage of being able to refer to them by name instead of by number which is better for readability (as long as you don't use obtuse variable names like "S"!)
Dim s(20)
for i=0 to 19
  s(i)=new Screen(...)
next i
Being able to collapse procedures down to one line is a cool feature of the editor! Modern text editors can also sometimes do things like that with source code. Maybe it was ahead of its time in that respect!
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