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Originally Posted by spud View Post
Look forward to a whdload version as my poor old Amiga Technologies A1200 can't handle the trackloader.
Is this a problem specific to Sqrxz (and Solid Gold), or do you experience the same problem with many other trackloader games?

Originally Posted by Lemming880 View Post
I especially love Sqrxz' music. But Sqrxz is so fn hard. I still need to get past level 3 in Sqrxz 1 lol.
Keep trying so you can listen to more good music.

I actually think I would play better with keyboard cursor keys so I'm secretly hoping you'll add those one day.
Indeed it plays very good with keys. You can see that on the SDL-version of the game, or when running udder UAE.
It can be done, but I think a classic Amiga game should be played with a joystick.
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