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Originally Posted by Nova View Post
i don't know so much about the technical backround, but i wonder why it can not be arranged like a switch: check processors features - then make use of what is avaiable at best (in this case only sse1).
SSE and other SIMD extensions is all about speed, but if cpu features will be checked in runtime and then one of several code paths chosen - it kills speed, so...

out of topic: no-one cares about non SSE2-capable CPUs for a many years. I'm personally have some fights with ATI about 7 years ago - I have a BSOD using AthlonXP CPU and their's drivers, so I've found where and why exactly it happens, patched this error in drivers (very wrong CPU type detection) , described to ATI how it can/must be fixed - and nothing in result, well, because they dont care.
so I suppose owners of such old PCs have only choice to stick with old software versions. or upgrade.
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