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i think what would really benefit Amiga is a better programming language, aimed at games programming. Simpler machines are already in a games-type environment as soon as you switch them on - i don't mean BASIC i mean you have complete control over everything, with the Amiga you have this multitasking OS to deal with. A lot of early games did just treat the Amiga like a C64 and wrote all over memory wherever they liked and that is the cause of a lot of incompatibility problems. Also loading files from disk requires either using the OS or writing your own track loader. Doing it properly is hard.

i would like some programming environment that gives you features like bobs, sprites, blitting &c, we are continuously re-inventing the wheel just to do these basic functions. Something like AMOS but which doesn't suck. Obviously there is Blitz, i don't know what that's like to program in. Also Amiga E, and likewise, i don't know much about it. but i sometimes think about this sort of thing, about a programming language tailored to the Amiga game developer's needs that is also as fast as possible, giving low level access as well as high level features.
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