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Great to hear.... but...
Did anyone talk to MikeJ @ fpga arcade yet? I may see things a bit differently than the people actually doing the work, but to me its a waste of precious resources that two teams are basically doing the same thing.. ;-)
Yes, well ...

there are somewhat mixed messages comming from the fpga arcade team - one time they are using the TG68 CPU core, next time they have their own core, one time MikeJ said he is only rewriting the minimig core from Verilog to VHDL and adapting it to his board, now they say that the amiga core is a completely new design and they might not share the code ...

I don't mind anything they are doing or how they are doing it, and I can only wish them good luck, but I don't want to get involved unless the terms are more clear - not that anyone invited me to join, mind you - well, maybe they never even heard of me

I only started working on the minimig AGA core because I've been waiting for years for the fpga arcade team to release something, and I just got tired of waiting.

So at least for now, I guess we will all work on the same thing ...

Plus, I hate VHDL language
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