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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
(Final next week, maybe)

I only care if something more productive than test button causes it

It seems to have glitches at the end of sound with other stuff too. Probably normal.
You can see the problem in Software that use musicunit(not unit0-4). when press test button in ahiprefs when choosed musicunit every 20 ms or so come a bad sample. software that use musicunit is hd-rec . here problem you can see too. you can download the 400hz 5 sec wave from here

with toccata in hd.rec are hear lots of clicks. It is no buffer too small problem. happen on buffer is very large too. another problem that is notice in musicunit mode only. when choose toccata Hifi 16bit stereo then sound come only from left speaker. I use channel mode stereo in winuae prefs. can hear easy when you press play testsound button in Ahi Prefs.

amigaamp that use Unit0 and no musicunit have the problem not.
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