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Originally Posted by Jeff_HxC2001 View Post
@kipper2k I hope that you didn't make a simple copy/past of the gotek schematic since these devices are quite weak... You should at least add ESD protections on the buttons & display lines, on the USB, and maybe the most important for the security of the Amiga and the user : add a current limiter on the USB power supply and a fuse/polyswitch at the power supply input. Do you know that the gotek shouldn't be sold on the U.S & E.U territory regarding the EMC compatibility and electrical safety ? . Take also care of the possible EMI/EMC problems with this ribbon. ( This is just some advices )

Other subject : Is there a mean to connect an I2C LCD on the board ?
I sent you pm regarding I2C, the actual schematic is almost identical to the gotek schematic with a few upgrades to the cheapie parts that they use. There are a lot of Goteks being sold around the world and i think almost everyone has them by now. Ebay and Amazon must have sold thousands of these. There is no other option than to use a cable to get the required signals to the daughter board, the cable shown is on the long side and does not need to be that long.
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