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I'm another one that would like the nag to update DirectX be given the option to disable. For whatever reason, I can't get things to look like they do on a real Amiga if I do the DirectX update but I can with the DirectX as is. I've managed to get RTG modes to work but not native Amiga modes with DirectX updated and ended up rolling back DirectX to its previous state and putting up with the nag to update. This is with emulated PPC and PIV. I am working with direct copies of the systems I use in my real Amigas and the only big change from the real A4000D system to the emulated one is to change the RTG card from Cybervision 64 to Picasso IV. I can feed the VGA from the Thinkpad i5 notebook I'm using for Winuae to the same monitor I'm using with my A4000 and do side by side comparisions and Winuae with DirectX in the default Windows configuration works better for me and the output is slightly different from the real thing but not by much but I can't get nearly that close if I update DirectX
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