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here is a picture of my internal and external floppy emulator, it will accept Herve's and Jeffs image. as you may notice there are a couple of jumpers to fix my screw ups. Final revision has gone in for manufacture now, external board will be in a case (albeit a 3D printed case) and the internal board will also be covered with a plastic top to clean it up. Internal mounts are done, just waiting for the new boards now for the final fit, You do not have to put any holes in your case, the mounts will remain in place with hot glue on the inside and small screws will mount the internal floppy emulators daughter board . Boards can be pre-programmed or sold blank. The A500 internal version does not require a 34 pin or power cable, the A600/A1200 require only a 4 pin power cable (or even just a one pin cable carrying 5v). LED displays will be either red or green. Audio is included on the boards.

I am not sure if this will fit in an Atari, Atari owners please take a peek and let me know if this may/not fit. The external floppy board can be mounted to an Atari by means of the Atari 14 pin to 23/25 pin cable. (if they exist, or can be made ?)

As promised, the external board plugs directly into the 23 pin Amiga connector so it will be nice and small and there is no need to buy an adapter to make it work, it is plug and play. Functionality will be identical to the Gotek, and whatever functions Jeff has included in his FW

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