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Originally Posted by ferix View Post
Ok, I see... that's a pitty :P
Anyway, I'm just curious... Can the STM32 use "Thumb" instructions? Are you already using them?
More exactly the Thumb2 instructions : 2 & 4 bytes instructions mixed.

Originally Posted by Yulquen74 View Post
Does the HxC firmware support a soft eject mode (by using the select switches), or do you have to remove the usb stick as before to stop it from booting?
The gotek have only 2 buttons : up and down. So this sound difficult to implement. The SD HxC have 3 buttons and have this function. Anyway what are you trying to do (i mean : what is the problem about removing the stick ?)

BTW firmware update ! :


31 may 2015: Firmware USB HxCFloppyEmulator v3.0.2.5a

    - CPC & Shugart disk change signal timing corrected.
    - Dead lock issue while existing the direct access mode corrected.
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