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(Final next week, maybe)

Originally Posted by bernd roesch View Post
it sound as if there is 1 or 2 bytes too few play from the buffer, when hear louder the sine tone can hear in the ahi prefs.. I use ahi from aminet 4.18i and 6.0 toccate lib i have 12.0 14.1 test
I only care if something more productive than test button causes it

It seems to have glitches at the end of sound with other stuff too. Probably normal.

Originally Posted by thomas View Post
Accelerator SCSI is now called Accelerator Accelerator and therefore no longer fits into the GUI. Could you remove one Accelerator?

Moreover why do accelerators with SCSI appear in the IDE section? Those boards do not have IDE controllers.
Fixed. (Made non-accelerator board names more nice by including manufacturer name and it does not work very well with accelerator boards..)
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