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tbtorro here

Hello to all, I think it was time to register at EAB after lurking for years. I have a considerable collection including all Amiga models, and many parts, like Zorro expansions for the A2/3/4000.

What else? I live in Copenhagen, Denmark where the Amiga community is, hm, rather small. Apart from Amiga stuff, I also like to dabble in Commodore 64, Sinclair and Apple II. I also collect interactive fiction games, mostly for Amiga and C64, mostly Infocom, Level 9 etc. Also into a few game systems like PC-Engine, SNES and NES.

Basically I like rare and interesting retro electronics stuff, things that were the best in their times, and I like them mint and complete.

I also spend lot of time fixing retro hardware, I have a professional lab and can do almost any SMD rework on PCBs made in the 90's, can do recaps, socketing, SIMM/Zorro slot replacements, can deal with any PLCC/SOIC/DIL chip, headers etc..

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