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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Need config file and winuaelog.txt. (tick logging checkbox in misc panel to enable creation of winuaelog.txt, check paths panel for correct path).

One possible reason: too much RAM configured + 32-bit Windows. (Your config is too weird anyway, one type of fast RAM is enough..)
Hey Toni,

thanks a lot :-).

Yes, the config is strange. It's just a playground config to check out what is possible with WinUAE. So I'll reconfigure the RAM.

The host system is Windows 7 64 bit 12 GB RAM, the Amiga partitions are placed on an USB HD 500 GB.

So please let me try to reconfigure the system, probably I exaggerated it. As soon as I'm ready I'll give you guys an update.

Many thanks and best regards
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