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Originally Posted by zerohour1974 View Post
I would like to write a Pocket Trains like game but to be honest have no idea where to start. Have looked at AMOS and Amiblitz. Watched a few of the Scoopex videos.

I would probably need an idiots guide to programming Amiga stuff
You've got lots of options.

Find the source code of a game written in the language of your choice, and modify it to see what difference bits and pieces make. Start with making small changes, and perhaps even look to make a total conversion to the game you want to make in the long run. As things come up, research them and slowly learn. Always keep running code.

Find a tutorial in the language of your choice, and just start from there. Lots of great games have been made by people who taught themselves programming.

Go to a more modern platform like MacOS or Windows, and find a easy to use programming tool/language for beginners. Flesh out the game you want to make in that, learning the basics of programming and fleshing out your game idea. Then come back and research Amiga tools and techniques, and go from there.

Most of the coders here likely taught themselves when things were a lot more limited in terms of available knowledge, and tools were a lot more primitive.
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