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WinUAE +uaefgx + Picasso96 = black screen

Hey guys,

after quick browsing the forum I didn't find specific hints so I like to ask with an own thread. If I oversaw information in the forum, I apologize and encourage you to point me to, many thanks in advance.

System configuration before installing Picasso96:

WinUAE 3.0

68040, FPU internal, Emulation Speed: fastest possible, JIT (Constant jump, FPU support, No flags, Indirect)

Chipset AGA, Chipset Extra A4000, Sprites and Sprites vs. Playfield
Adv. Chipset Compatible Settings
ROM KS ROM v3.1 (A4000)(Cloanto) rev 40.68 (512k)

Chip 8 MB, Z3 Fast 256 MB, 32-bit Chip 256 MB, Motherboard Fast 64 MB, Processor Slot Fast 128 MB, Z3 mapping mode Automatic

UAE Zorro III, VRA size 128 MB, Scale if smaller than display size setting,
Refresh rate Chipset, Buffer mode Triple Buffering, Aspect ratio Automatic

Display Generic PnP Monitor (1920*1080), Fullscreen 1280x720/32, Windowed 800*600, Native Windowed, RTG Fullscreen, Default refresh rate, Triple buffering, Line Mode Double, VGA mode resolution autoswitch, Resolution Hires

System installation
Standard AmigaOS 3.9, Boing Bags 1-4, Hard drive DH0 (System in file structure

All works fine so far.

After the standard installation of Picasso, following this link:

when I reboot (step 39) I only get a black screen, the emulated Amiga won't successfully boot. When I deactivate C:LoadMonDrvs in startup-sequence the Amiga starts as expected.

Please what did I wrong?
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