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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
No. You need to find the exact beta that introduced it. Also very easy confirmation is to test without directory filesystem. No guesses allowed!
winuae 3.0.0 final work fast
this work slower

I test several times. It is CPU idle setting. In the past i have set it fully right. then winuae use 3-5% CPU load. Now with fully right it need 0% CPU load all fast, but only slow in directory filesys. I need set slider at 5 from left , but then it work faster. So with new slider setting all is ok. maybe a feature that when a directory filesys action is send, then winuae go not to idle until this action is finish can help. some benchmark in syspeed i get

idle full left

create 1205-1220

idle 5. from left

create 390-450

idle full right

create 240-250

other values too get slower

other Problem i see

With toccata( i test tocatta lib V12 /V14) on ahi prefs "play a test sound" button press, with toccata Hifi 16 bit stereo can hear distortion on this last version

only in b1 is not hear. i guess because of the Paula Filter, because you write in history b2 have switch it off for toccata

it sound as if there is 1 or 2 bytes too few play from the buffer, when hear louder the sine tone can hear in the ahi prefs.. I use ahi from aminet 4.18i and 6.0 toccate lib i have 12.0 14.1 test
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