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New Old Game Released: PuzCat

Before Mr Beanbag there was PuzCat.

This is the last game i made in AMOS, that i really only made as a kind of exercise and never thought to release before. But now i realised it, i thought why not. It is deliberately made in the style of an 8-bit game, for some imaginary 8-bit machine. Except the music, which was a placeholder for some suitably bleepy chip tune. It is as finished as it will ever get now but has several playable levels.

The aim is to collect all the mice in a level and then get to the exit. Avoid dogs. You can also push blocks around. You can kill the dogs by squashing them with a block or if you bounce high enough on a spring you can land on them (i think you have to hold "down" for this to work, i don't remember).

Full AMOS source is included in the zip file so if someone wants to modify it or make their own levels or update the graphics - knock yourself out. Not literally, of course, just a figure of speech.
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