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Originally Posted by TenLeftFingers View Post
Thanks guys. I'm using a adf (cr) I downloaded and not the original. I'm running it on an actual A1200. The version I have does crash after about six levels so I'll need to try another version anyway.

I'll grab another one (although I don't remember where I got the current one so I might end up getting the same one again!). Do either of you know offhand of an existing version which works with two buttons?
all cracked turricans works with 2 buttons
it happens that some megadrive pads 2nd button not works on same Amiga games because they added resistors
On the amiga 2nd button is pin 8 + pin 9, so maybe you can modify the board of your mega drive pad

get here Turrican 2 onedisked version
was cracked in 2014 by wanted team

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