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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
Where is it? You should upload it to Aminet.
I actually thought I had, but couldn't find it when I checked. By chance I still have a copy of the binary, so I'll upload it somewhere.

EAB has a file server (ftp?) somewhere to temporarily host files for this sort of thing doesn't it?
I'd prefer not to upload to aminet yet as there's newer versions of DGen (and better sdl versions for 68k) now, so I'd prefer to update it first.
I'm not sure when that'll be though, so for now Im still happy to share what I already have, just elsewhere

It's built against an old 68k sdl though, which can be flaky at times. Generally though if you set a decent stack first it's pretty good. Probably needs an overclocked '060 (needs rtg too) to be useful though. I vaguely recall someone at the tome saying it was about 5-10fps on an '060@50mhz. I was/am an Amithlon user though, so never used it on my real (nowadays aga only) amiga.
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