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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
When did I say it won't be implemented? I think I only said it is pointless board and being pointless never equals if it is worth the trouble to implement.

The more there is information available about the board, like chip datasheet, register information etc, the bigger the chance of something happening. (Exact same happened with HAM-E and others, I got help with specs/driver disassemby etc..!)

MMU also happened simply because someone else did the framework first.

I rarely bother to research information about uninteresting hardware. It does not mean I am not interested in emulating it.

EDIT: Also (driver) software that uses the board and works in plain m68k AmigaOS is needed.
OK, then I will collect some information about the missing expansion cards in this thread, until you change head about implementing it in WinUAE.
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