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Problem with Centering options

I use the vertical and horizontal 'Centering' options in the Screen panel.
On the Amiga side I have a common black border patch enabled.

When I drag the Amiga screen down to the last few visible lines of my monitor the screenbar of the amiga screen(1 or 2 pixel visible) jumps to the center of my monitor.
No other Pal screen is open and the background is as black as the border.

If vertical centering is disabled it works like it would do on on real hardware.
Without the black border patch(Booted with no S-S for a quick test) it works fine even with vertical center on.But I dont like the grey border.

Since I have my overscan a bit taller than the visible range of the monitor every screen is tilted to the upper side slightly.
So it would be nice to have both, Centering and black border, without the strange screen drag to center behaviour.
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