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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
"Not enough information!" No command line, no used disk. No nothing.

EDIT: Duplication instructions needed because change you mentioned is related to disk dma and rawread does not even start any disk dma operations.
I am not sure at all about the change, it was simply a note.

I use a scalos configuration, and the problem happens under CLI.
68030 - AGA - cycle exact (the same usual configuration file).

- Pick any *.RAW file or any *.IPF that you would want to put inside an extended ADF.

- the command line i use is the usual :

Rawread -f nameofthegame -s 0 -e 79 -r ; followed by enter

The tool begin to read the disk, track 0 side 0 shows up, and it hangs.

Maybe i can make a memory save of winuae registers by doing shift+F12 ?
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