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I saw your Mrs beanbag youtube video played by Hippoonios I think, at least i found it while watchign hes videos. Have to say i was pretty impressed how good that game looked like. I was expecting something amateurish, but that seemed like commercial quality basically. Not of course in same line with big budget A games of course, but pretty much in par with normal small mobile products nowadays or retro style game products.

I had read about it from Amiga Future plus had seen some comments of yours where you were talking about graphics being bit lousy and graphics style picked only because it was only thing you could draw, and hence I was thinking its nothing special that game. But when i saw that youtube video about it. Wow! that looked like a real good game.

I even stopped watching that video isntantly in hopes of playing it one day when i get on to fixing my A1200 (probably just needs to replace PSU).

Interesting to see what that (i suppose) earlier game looks and plays like.
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