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Wow.. Man did life get in the way of this! Sorry to bump such an old thread.. Only issue i'm having now is for some reason, when first turned on, Amiga attempts to boot (HDD light starts to flash) then the power light dims and it resets.. Click again to skip the SCSI detection and then it boots.. Oh yeah, i have 3.1 ROMs now kindly provided by my friend for both Amigas.. Also have a FastEIDE controller and 16GB CF card, she boots CWB3.9 really rather quickly. Finally have the thing working properly (again) on the 'net too..

I can re-cap and whatnot myself, don't worry about that, i build certain hardware for Amigas (nothing too fancy) amongst other things.. I need to stop fixing other people's problems and get back into this but something always comes up :/ lol

Regards, sorry again for reviving a long dead thread!
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