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Whether this is the case or not one fact remains: I'm claiming that there are enough gfx/music guys willing to help in our community but maybe not enough (or at least) willing coders, while others here may claim otherwise. Perhaps this is the best proof of why the parties and individuals need to get involved and get to know each other better. Thus the need for a better database or subforum or something similar that will help in this direction. Having EAB altogether with all the buzz, projects and discussion going around is obviously a great place to start! But there's always room for improvement, especially if the goal is to elevate the scene and have more team projects and -eventually- more games of a better quality.
So, get a forum made and have people post threads like "Gfxer looking for coder" At this point, you can claim whatever you want, but the proof is in the pudding or it's just .
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