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I guess I am overlooking something here:

- reflashed the Gotek with the online flasher from Jeff > OK
- added the latest v3.0.2.2a upd file to a USB stick and inserted it
- powered on A500 (2 buttons pushed)
- nice led animation, followed by "Ldr" and then a lot of animation (I guess the bootloader flash)
- now finished, powered off Amiga and on again, now it shows HxC on display

So what now?

I added the AUTOBOOT.HFE and some HFE and ADF files, but I just have the standard workbench 2.05 insert disk screen, and Gotek display is showing HxC. I see USB stick led blink when I push buttons but screen remains HxC and nothing happens. (not even 000 is displayed)

With the HxC drive I needed to save a CFG file with the tool, but how to do this with the Gotek edition? do I need the drive connected to a PC first??

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