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Originally Posted by DisposableHero View Post
Or Days of Thunder, or Nightbreed, or EPIC? Who on earth was responsible for choosing them? Then again, Escom's choices of Whizz and Pinball Mania were about the worst bundle ever - when Putty Squad was crying out for use as an exclusive. The serious software the Escom model came with was a decent bundle though.
Wing Commander and Dangerous Street for cd32 was worst in my humble opinion. While Wing Commander was cool game, not everybody who wants consloe must be simulation-game-lover. Dangerous Street was total fail, it was ugly with visual side and it was not-playable.

I have A1200 from Desktop Dynamite pack. I have Oscar and Dennis, both game was good to show what AGA can do, and both was very avarage games if we talk about gameplay - typical feth quest - go and find "x" number of some "stuff" and find exit. I think that platform games was simple and safe choice for bundle with new machine. What I do not like it was the fact that with time I have learned that Dennis was not-finished game, stand-alone box Dennis got more levels and ending, while on Desktop Dynamite it just resets.

I wonder why Commodore choose so often Flair's games to bundle with their computers.
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