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WINUAE 3.0.0 + AOS3.9 + PIV = no GFX card modes

Hi everybody,

just installed WINUAE 3.0.0 A4000 settings + CSPPC card (both I own also in reality). I setup everything to my best understanding and according to what I found in WWW. Since I want to install and use AOS4.1FE Classic (which I own too) in addition I chose PIV as GFX board.

Unfortunately when starting AOS3.9 I cannot see any uaegfx screenmodes. I can only choose from the ones where monitors are available in DEVS/Monitors - even though uaegfx is also available in DEVS/Monitors.
When starting Picasso96Prefs nothing is available but I can also attach no board since none is available.

I just want to know is there any way to get GFX card screenmodes to be available within WINUAE + AOS3.9? If so how can I achieve them? Do I have to have a Picasso96Monitor in DEVS/Monitors?

If there is anything I should post here (log files etc.) please let me know.

(Another problem is: I installed WHDLoad but when I start MegaLoMania it only shows black screen after intro and title screen - on AOS4 (PegII) + EUAE it works fine, same goes for EUAE on my Powerbook G4. Is there anything I need to change/adjust on my WINUAE settings to get this game running again? - If necessary I can open an additional thread for this.)

Many thanks in advance!
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