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Testing Orinoco card

I bought a Orinoco Silver PCMCIA card that I want to use with the amiga 1200 to transfer stuff to the PC. I only have 2 MB of chip memory so I figure I have to use amitcp/ip stack, but it's hard to get working.

So I decided to first test the card on some other system, I have an old laptop with a PCMCIA slot that I put Linux Mint on. If I stick in the card it's seen and it can find all the wireless networks, but it can't connect to them. Not of course the WPA2 ones, but not even a WEP network I created, and not even if I put the network to be open.

In Linux it's using a driver called orinoco_cs, with support for a lot of different cards. The output from dmesg is something like "Lucent/Agere firmware doesn't support manual roaming". More info here:

I understand in amiga part, the prism driver is used, but the linux people say only the intersil PCI cards use the prism driver ( , whereas I'm quite sure the orinoco silver is a Lucent/Agere card.

So in the end I did not get the card fully working in linux, but maybe I'm just doing useless work. Does someone else have this card working in amiga? You use the prism2v2 driver?
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