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Need help configuring CDTV with CF under KS1.3

OK, I've been trying this on and off for months now and I'm not getting anywhere.

I have a 2GB CF card that I am trying to get working on a CDTV setup with stock Kickstart 1.3 and Extended ROMs 1.0. (If it helps, I also have a KS1.3 with patched SCSI.DEVICE in it?) - I can get this all working with KS2.x/3.x and Extended ROMs 2.7 and 2.30, just not the KS1.3/ER1.0 combination.

To this end, I'm trying to configure it all in WinUAE 3.0.0 beforehand.

Can someone help me step-by-step getting this working? I have PFS3AIO downloaded and at the ready. I have all Workbench disks, and if needed the A2091 install disk.

Perhaps first off, someone can either tell me exactly what config I need in WinUAE of can PM me a config file?
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