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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
@LuMan I actually have Shadow of the third moon but its on CD and Im currently in the process of fixing my CD setup.. ordered buffered ide ports from amigakit but havent received it yet.
When ive tried it Ill let you know. ;-)
Meanwhile, this one seems like a 060 only for sure...
Quests of Nargoth.. it runs in 640x256 @ HAM8
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I got the CD years ago, but I may have lost it. I do remember playing it on my 040/25 and loving it. Be sure to post a video when you get your CD sorted

QoN does look like it needs something big to push it along. In the linked vid an NPC 'glides' by at about 4:00. I was really enjoying it up until that point and felt that a couple of frames of animation would be nice. But it still looked pretty darn good!

@Jack - Yep, Payback looks great. I'll definitely check out how it runs on my set-up. I wonder if a similar approach can be used for a version of the old PS1 game 'Loaded' on the Amiga..
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Just think, we could have a new Alien Breed with this engine... or Chaos Engine....
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