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Originally Posted by nogginthenog View Post
Nice. Let me know if you need any help, but compiler internals are not my strong point!

From my limited tests this did produce code that looked a little better than GCC 2.95. But the lack of function calls is somewhat limiting...
You can be a tester once we've got something to test. My friend, mness1978 (Sidewinder on most Amiga forums), has joined up also as a collaborator. I've also added ezrec in case we need some extra help. (He was also on the SourceForge project.)

The link, as you might suspect, is at but if compilers aren't your strong suit, you might not need commit privileges right away. If you send me your GitHub username, I can add you though. There shouldn't be much need for documentation either since this is just a backend for LLVM 3.2 and most of the documentation you'd need would be found at

The first step after getting it to build as you have already done, will be to get the target triples set to M68k-commodore-amiga instead of M68k-apple-mac. Then add the calling conventions and so on, (including the two custom calling conventions, libcall and acall, for shared library calls and amiga-specific register loading calls respectively). Finally we migrate the code to the latest LLVM stable release and start adding subtargets for 020/030, 040/060, and Apollo softcore optimization.

At least it sounds like a plan to me... If anybody else wants to join up, let me know!
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