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And I can concur with Kitty's statement too, as many of us, past and present, have all had our dealings with many of the sources that we use today. Whatever we use is back linked to their sites, and unfortunately it bypasses yours as we don't use your site for our news. We may have done at some point in time, but that is no longer the case and hasn't been for quite some time.

As Kitty said in her above post, CiA has been running since early 2011 where the news was pre-sourced long before your site, which arrived around the back end of 2012, was even established.

So please can you stop publicly referring to Kitty and the CiA site as :-
Originally Posted by Neil79 View Post
.... however Kitty borrows a lot from our site But that's fine as they are affiliated with us ....
As that statement is simply not true and is an impossibility to prove anyway.

Now, is there any chance we can all be grown up about this and stop poking each other at every given opportunity regarding who gets their news from where? It's old news and shouldn't be surfacing its head up on EAB other than via PM.

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