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Problem with diskspare disk image

I've been trying to get WinUAE to work with diskspare-type disk image files. Using diskspare.device with an extended ADF (2104892 bytes long, UAE-1ADF signature) seems to work fine. Or at least, the Format command seems to work OK.

However something seems to go wrong when using a plain disk image file. I created a file 1007616 bytes long (= 82*2*12*512), which WinUAE should detect as an 82-track DiskSpare format image from its size.

Inserting that in drive 0 then doing Format DRIVE DS0: NAME blah NOICONS FFS seems to work initially: the Formatting/Verifying text appears up to track 81. But at the end when it says Initializing disk... there is a delay before an error message Format Failure: not a valid DOS disk. And looking at the disk image file in a hex editor, its contents are unchanged (all zero bytes).
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