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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Quickstart A1200 4Mb Fast

PB-Twisted-A.DMS ->

WinUAE Beta 17 (2015.05.02) -> it starts to happen from this version!
Will be fixed.

Originally Posted by Noth View Post
Just wanted to add that I can't get OpenBSD 3.2 to get past the "probe HD for installation" phase with 3.0 but it works fine in 3.1-beta. The le0 (A2065) in SLiRP mode is damn slow though... Much slower than in AMIX 2.1.
If 68040 config, then it probably was fixed in b1.

Sorry but I am not going to debug any emulation problem that is not simple "not working at all/crashes" when OS is "alien". Too much work x 100. (Unless OpenBSD sources reveal the problem easily)
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