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I don't see any point in genlock emulation, except perhaps to emulate it just enough to see something, like noise pattern/static image. All genlocks works exactly the same, software can't detect any differences.

Boards with CPU:

Too time consuming, would need full CPU emulator just for single board.. (This includes A2090 ST-506 part). Only exception is bridge boards because they can run "real" software, not just single code in ROM. 65CE02 may be another exception, someday, because it is also inside CDTV-CR's 4510 chip and it needs to be emulated for full CDTV-CR emulation.


A2065 is fully emulated. Back end may not be that fast but it has nothing to do with A2065 emulation.

A590 is SCSI + XT-IDE. ST-506 is totally different. XT-IDE is emulated.

A570 is identical to CDTV. Software can't see any difference.

CDTV SCSI expansion is emulated.
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