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Originally Posted by DisposableHero View Post
Looking back, the A1200 wasn't as big a step forward as we told ourselves. In 1987 the A500 was a match for PCs costing four times as much; in 1992 the A1200 was of similar power to a PC costing a little more, but with much less software support and inferior graphics hardware - and why no integrated hard drive when just about every PC game needed one by then?
The trouble was you couldn't buy a PC set up for nowhere near 399 in 1992, i remember in the UK at least the lowest price gaming PC came around in 1993 at 999 (the Amstrad Mega PC, and even that couldn't play Doom full windowed) in retail outlets, people tend to forget PC's were bloody expensive back then and nothing like they are today.

I think this advert shows it better, whilst you could get cheaper PC's, you needed more the comparable Amiga spec to get any decent game, running add Windows and the starting price is 799+200 for monitor and again its 999.

People with rose tinted glasses always state yeah my 486 could run everything full speed, pissed on the Amiga...yeah but check the prices 3500! Neo Geo pissed on the Megadrive...if you don't take cost into it!

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