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I think the idea of a database or a fixed place known by everyone about game projects and maybe: "gfx/sfx... artis is offering for a game. Coder is searching for gfx/sfx/music for his game. ...". would be good. At least it could conect people in an easy way. This might be done by a person who isn`t a "game maker" or just has some internet skills and want to support in any way.

What about programmer who don`t want to make a game but want to support others doing it. Is there special code (what could be used several times/different projects) that is useful for game coders they could provide? A missing tool that could help? E.g. someone here asked for PicCon expansion.

Missing music:
If game music is needed what about to hold a competition like the scene party ones? Just write down some rules (eg. format: mod. filesize limit: 220kb. style: ambient. deadline is ... Winner will be the main theme. Second or rest in later levels for example. So people can win (for fame?) and can tell "I did the music for game x". This could attract people. Just the info must be spread as much as possible.

For graphics I havn`t an idea. Maybe someone else?
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