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Originally Posted by Apollo View Post
No offense to the C64 fans, but, the Amiga is a bit more complex on the hardware side, f.e. cpu vs. co-processors.
That is just not true. I did a lot of things on both platforms and actually coding a (quality) game is MUCH easier on an Amiga than on the c64:

- CPU ... 6502 1Mhz and 68000 7Mhz is a HUGE difference. It is much easier to code the engine, the AI, etc. on the Amiga than on the C64.

- Scrolling using a big area and with all colours is VERY tricky to do on c64. You can use VSP but then your game won't work on all c64 versions. You can do nice and fast scrolling but limiting yourself to 4 colours. On Amiga it is VERY easy to scroll the bitmaps around and still have a lot of cpu left over to do all the tricks. And when you see what you can do with the copper and compare that to the Vertical Interrupts on the c64 where on some lines you are left with virtually zero cpu time you know what I am talking about.

- Blitter will help you immensly and basically make BOBs possible. Almost no c64 game uses the "bob" approach, you have to write a sprite multiplexer and mask the sprites, etc. to come anywhere near what you can much easily do on the amiga.

- Memory restrictions. While it is true that the graphics will take more memory on the amiga the actual memory you have for the game engine, precalc tables, AI, etc. is MUCH bigger on the amiga than on the c64.

There are more things of course, but these are the main reasons why game *CODING* is easier on the Amiga than the C64.

However it seems to make quality graphics (and music) is proving next to impossible on the amiga these days. While we get games with graphics which are at least on par with the old days on the c64 (mostly even better) we get really crappy visual experience with new amiga games.
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