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Originally Posted by appiah4 View Post
When you start coding for a platform, one of the first things you do is imitate what has already been done.. The C64 is easy like that. Language, tools, examples - it's all out there. Amiga.. Not really; it's almost as if everyone who once coded something impressive for it would rather be smug about it than go online and post the code and explain.
I have a different view: sources of information about assembler, hardware and how to do certain effects (f.e. demo coding) have been much worse back in the day ('87 till 90s). Nowadays you have the internet: books like the HRM are online, you have tutorials like the one from Photon here if you are a complete newbie, you have pre-build toolchains for coding _and_ you have this (and other) boards populated with experienced, nice coders to ask. Things are much, much, better now.

No offense to the C64 fans, but, the Amiga is a bit more complex on the hardware side, f.e. cpu vs. co-processors. Thats in my opinion one reason why its just not that easy. On the other side I believe that there much more C64 enthusiasts left compared to the Amiga scene. C64 was _the_ first home-computer for a certain generation and the Amiga was probably only the second computer for these people.

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