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Originally Posted by saimon69 View Post
@Apollo and @TenLeftFingers

Probably a mixed approach with podcasts and also a compendium where people can find informations and tutorials on how to work and develop on and for Amiga could help; i did stumble on some videos learning on doing pretty small assembler tricks like reading mouse, rasterbars, etc, plus labritcho amiblitz tutorials, sites and similar stuff that could be catalogued and collected in a sorta di retrodev wiki - probably there are several of them unbeknowst to us too, though; if there is a well defined place to refer from - like in example here on EAB (that for me is already THE referral site for retrodeveloping) or a new related site - that would be good
Definitely, a centralised place for development (maybe seperated into games and workbench apps).

Originally Posted by appiah4 View Post
I kind of stated my view on this (i.e. reason is lack of documentation and tools) but honestly, as a kid who was amazed by the things he saw on an Amiga in the 90s I would more than happily code for it as an enthusiast in 2015.. If only I knew what tools to use and where to go for the knowledgebase.

When you start coding for a platform, one of the first things you do is imitate what has already been done.. The C64 is easy like that. Language, tools, examples - it's all out there. Amiga.. Not really; it's almost as if everyone who once coded something impressive for it would rather be smug about it than go online and post the code and explain.

It's strange.
I definitely think that it's clear that we are short on developers. I think rather than try to squeeze them harder or look for more 'commitment' or 'determination' we could ask for a mentoring role instead and attract developers to the scene that way.

I'm out of touch, but I think we would need a show-piece to have that kind of draw. And I don't mean just a game. I mean a community.
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