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Where do you buy your floppy disks from?

Originally Posted by appiah4 View Post
What's so hot about DD anyway? The A500 drive for example can't even tell the difference between an HD and DD disk, even if the HD hole is not covered, and formats it to 880K quite fine - never had an issue..

Is there something I should be aware of?

I believe that the hd disks require a different magnetic flux strength to write the bits, writing them with a DD drive may not be very reliable.

"The thinner coating and the smaller particle size [of 3.5" DSHD diskettes] make for better-defined domain "edges" and generally better [resolved] higher-density recording. Unfortunately, [these factors] also make for a lower recovered data [read] signal, and that, coupled with the lower write current [when writing at] 2D, is what makes for Trouble, particularly on older drives."
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