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In the past experienced something like the following when I talked to people which wanted to do graphics or music/sound for a project:

person x : "hey, I really would like to make some graphics"
me: "ok, I can give you 16 colors, the first one being white ($fff) I need 16x16 blocks nicely arranged in an IFF..."
person x: "see, I can draw it in <paintprogram x> in 16,8 million colors and give it to you as a bmp"
me: "no, sorry, that doesn't work, you really have to use an indexed format.."
person x: "indexed format? With my program I can take any single color I want, I'll give it to you as 1028x1024x24 okay?..."
me: "no, Amiga graphics hardware works different and dithering gfx looks awful..."
[senseless discussion follows]

The same happened to me for music where I had people wanting to deliver their music in mp3 and such.

This is not meant as an offense to anyone, but what I want to tell is: there are not so many people out there able to draw nice 2d graphics in an indexed format with a reduced number of colors. The same is true when it comes to music. Since I aim for the classic A500 + 512MB fastmem, the MOD can't be 400kb in size, since that wouldn't left enough chipmem for bitmaps.
So, in result I gave up years ago searching for painters and musicians. I better do my own sound and graphics. Usually that leads to dead-born projects lying around on my harddrive.
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