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Originally Posted by phx View Post
Announcing a new game early or posting details about it can be contra productive. People may demotivate you or start having too high expectations. This is unnecessary pressure.
This is excellent advice.
Nowadays it seems that the age we live in pushes us to do this kinda thing. You immediately want to go out and scream to the 7 winds that you have something coming up and post it everywhere. This is really counter productive as phx says.

Nobody needs to see progress really, and you really don't want to create expectations or false assumptions. Software changes a lot as it comes along , some times radically, and no one really has to know of these changes.

When I was developing PT-1210 with Ian i would get bombarded with queries about it whenever I posted a demo video of the pre-release versions. In retrospect, I would not d this again, because it was super annoying. Thankfully, I didn't really care about this and I put no extra pressure on me because people online were pushing the issue. But that's hard to do some times. Best to avoid putting pre-release hype on the internet at all.
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